Captain Sergei Ivanov

Born in the Soviet Union, he was always attracted to the sea, and studied at the Kuznetsov Naval Academy of Saint Petersburg.

He commanded a Burevestnik Class Frigate, also know as Krivak by NATO, but after the collapse of the USSR, he switched to the private sector as a Captain of a Russian ice breaker, opening maritime routes in the Arctic sea.

Sergei was a classmate at school of Larisa Lebedeva, Julia's mother, who was a brilliant physicist who studied the processes of atomic fusion in the Soviet Tokamaks. Unfortunately, she died of leukemia when Julia was only nine years old.

He always kept contact with Julia and her father Alfred Rybner, and finally, that acknowledgement resulted in his being hired by Julia as Captain of the Aurora II, the ship used by the Wopod Corporation to make Oceanographic investigations.

He brought his preferred sailors with him, Yuri Novikov and Basil Nazarencko as crew for the Aurora II.
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