Toshihiro Tanaka

Toshi, as his friends call him, was born in Japan and has a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Osaka.

He has been studying nuclear resonance and string theory with a scholarship in the Physics department of Cambridge University.
When he tried to obtain a place in the LHC laboratory of the CERN in Geneva, he met by chance with Alfred Rybner, Julia's father, who finally hired him on his own team in the Wopod Corporation.

Methodical and constant, Toshi is a tireless runner in the world of scientific investigation.

His work has been crucial to the development of the special sensors that allowed them to notice the strange phenomenon that was taking place in the Atlantic.

He was present in the laboratory accident that cost Alfred Rybner his life, and was deeply affected by this loss. Now he's continuing his work with Julia and Alison and time seems to be healing his soul wounds.
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