Zoran Nagy

Born in the Serbian town of Kragujevac, he was enlisted into the Serbian army during the Balcans war. A convinced nationalist, his convictions fell down after the disintegration of Yugoslavia. In order to survive due the hard conditions that hit the country after the war, he kept doing what he knew best and placed himself under the orders of Captain Hallen, a mercenary he met during the war.

Although he's very intelligent and sharp, his troubled life made him cold and unscrupulous, making him extremely dangerous, as he doesn't hesitate to obey the most terrible orders. However, we could consider him quite loyal to his comrades as he developed a strong bond with Captain Hallen, and the team that he considers a kind of substitute for the social acceptance he never had.

He's a proven survivor that continuously trains to be in good shape. He's also very skilled in the use of modern weapons.

Hes a scary adversary, especially when he's looking at you with his cold eyes, implying you are his target and nothing is going to stop him achieving his goal.
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