The Authors
We hope we can enjoy these adventures together for a long... long time.
My name is Adolf Navarro and I was born in Barcelona in 1959 and after studying Telecommunications Engineering I was quickly absorbed by the world of computers and become a software developer.

The powerful programs for graphic animation captured my attention and since I never have had a special talent to draw, they became the perfect tool to convert my imagination into a comic story. I'm responsible for the script and the drawings of "The Zurvan Club".
Hi there!.. Nice to meet you. We are proud to introduce ourselves as the creators of the Zurvan Club world...
My name is Izara Masie and I was born in Barcelona in 1978 and although I have a chemistry degree by the University of Girona.

I was also attracted to the world of computers and the web development. I'm the responsible for the location, creation and modification of the props and 3D models used to make the vignettes of  "the Zurvan Club" and the preparation of the files to download.
The world is filled with amazing places that invite us to think and wonder.

Civilizations have came and gone leaving incredible remains that boost our imagination.

Our planet every day seems smaller as modern transportation allow us to visit places in any continent in a matter of hours

Fortunately... We are living in a time where, there is still place for enigmas, adventures and discoveries.

So... Let's make it worth while...
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