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In this first episode, an ancient Sumerian carving will lead us to an incredible discovery about the origins of humankind. Meet Alex, Julia and friends in their quest to unravel the ancestral forces that almost destroyed the world a long time ago, and are still menacing our future. Join the team in this astounding adventure, looking for an impossible place that seems to hold the secrets of a hideous, out of control, ancient secret.
Action ramps up in this second episode where Alex, Julia and their friends explore the ancient remains of an alien civilization, looking for a clue that could explain the strange phenomenon that affects the legendary island of Saint Brendan. Bizarre and threatening creatures inhabit the place, and danger hides in every corner as they continue their quest to uncover the extraordinary secret that is hidden deep in the island. But this is only the tip of the iceberg that will lead them to a series of fascinating discoveries.
The Wopod Corporation needs desperately the data collected by the Aurora II in its voyage to Saint Brendan island and they will take all necessary measures to obtain it no matters the cost. Meanwhile, the unexpected link between the Sumerian carvings, the Nephilim plates and the Thule and Vril esoteric societies will lead our friends to a quest of a hidden place in the Antarctic where the Nazis developed an incredible technology using the lost knowledge of the Nephilim.
The Inter dimensional portal opened by the Nazis in their Antarctic hidden base allowed the entry of some vicious creatures in our own universe. This hidden threat has been sleeping for several years waiting for the conditions to revive. Our friends will face the challenge to stop them while confronting the Wopod's Corporation men in their quest to take over the secrets of this dangerous Nephilim technology.