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We strongly recommend to look at the files only after reading the stories because some moments of suspense could be ruined if the information contained in these archives is already revealed!!!
Here you can know more about the aspects of the story.

Visit some of the locations and the sets used to create the Comic.

Learn about the real historical facts used to create the story.

Enter inside the Alex and Julia's world with 360 panoramic views of the sets.

Go one step beyond watching the 3D images of the sets.
Here, you'll find additional information about the main characters of "The Zurvan Club". You can read their profiles, discover who is who and what's their role in the novels
Locations episode 1 Locations episode 1
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Locations episode 2 Locations episode 2
Episode 3 - The Missing Link
Episode 2 - The Hidden Power
Episode 1 - A Place Lost in Time
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