Alex's office explains a lot about the personality of the character. On one hand, Alex is methodical and well organized, but on the other hand he scatters his projects on the walls as a souvenirs or reminders of the many things he has on his mind.

He optimizes his resources, which lately have been cut due his differences with the staff.

The office was arranged by Alex himself from an old unused room that was gathering dust in a subbasement of the Institute. After begging for a week, Professor Bonnet finally acceded to let him use it. The most difficult task was to obtain the network connection to the host servers of the Institute, because it was not available in that area of the building. He needed a whole weekend to wire a connection to the closest switch.

It doesn't have nice views, but at least it is roomy, quiet and has natural light. The posters and souvenirs from Alex's travels give the final warming effect to convert the original dirty storage room into quite a comfortable place to work.
alex's office
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