Vishnu Restaurant - Interactive 360º Panorama Vishnu Restaurant - Interactive 360º Panorama
The Vishnu - 3D images The Vishnu - 3D images
The Vishnu Restaurant is located in a quiet area near the end of the marina at the other side of the bay. From its windows you can enjoy breathtaking views of downtown while sampling its delicious cuisine.

Curiously, its manager, Vincent, is the son of the Tycoon Dagan Goldenberg, the co-founder of the Wopod Corporation with Alfred Rybner, the father of Julia.

He decided not to follow in his father's footsteps, but to work in his passion, haute cuisine. After several arguments with his father, he arranged the Restaurant by himself and began to work. It was quickly a success and Mr. Goldenberg finally accepted his sonís wishes.

The restaurant is usually used by Julia and other staff of the Wopod Corporation, and is a perfect place to do business in a relaxed and sophisticated environment.
the Vishnu restaurant
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